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Get status

Base URL


❗ Make sure to replace :request_id with the actual request ID.

You can also access this endpoint through the following URL: - in this case, you would need to provide the request_id as a query parameter. Keep in mind that this alternative URL will be deprecated and removed in the future.


API Response example
    "request_id": "1647250482213790589-618338ab-a66e-41",
    "created_at": "2022-03-14T09:34:49",
    "completeness_rate": 0.88,
    "success_rate": 0.97,
    "status": "PENDING",
    "size": 150

A completeness rate is a ratio between update-pending profiles and updated profiles. As an example, if there are 1000 review profiles in total (which is indicated by size), and by the time you hit the endpoint we managed to update 645 profiles, the completeness rate is 0.645 (64.5%)

The success rate is a ratio between successfully updated and unsuccessfully updated review profiles.

The status indicates the general state of the task. It can have the following values: STARTED, PENDING, FAILED, RETRY, or COMPLETE